"Lektüre und Ablenkung" Ernstes Spiel – Catalogue Raisonné, Vol. 4.2

Volume 4.2 of the Catalogue Raisonné "Ernstes Spiel" [Serious Game] is devoted exclusively to the large-format, 126-part work "Lektüre und Ablenkung" [Reading and Distraction], which belongs to the group of works called indexes.
The basis for the index presented in this book is Jacques Derrida’s book "Vom Geist" [Of Spirit] in the German translation by Alexander García Düttmann, who also contributed an essay to the book. But much more than the content of the book, Michael Müller is interested in the inevitable distractions that come to the fore during the intensive reading of a book.
Meticulously documented, continued and elaborated in a wide variety of media—from text notes to drawings, photographs and collages to mathematical notations—the distractions integrated into the work unfold a multi-layered network of references, categorizations and relations that reveal structures of the ever-wandering mind.

Edited by Alien Athena Foundation for Art, H. von Amelunxen and A.-M. Bonnet


Deutscher Kunstverlag / De Gruyter, Berlin 2023

German, English and Chinese
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211 pages, 131 color illustrations