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Michael Müller

"Athena is the goddess of art, but also the name of the cradle of democracy and culture, whose importance resonates to this day. It has become the basis of a lore and tradition. Art is always also something historical and refers to the past - for me it can be compared to a relay race, the baton is passed on. Art carries the past into the present and on into the future. And yet it is constantly in a state of change. Because also the foreign, the other - simply the alien - is always affecting it. It can be the reason for change, but also of the completely new. Both, Athena and the alien, can only be understood together."

Geraldine Michalke

"My concern as co-founder of the Alien Athena Foundation is to promote and preserve the work of Michael Müller, which I have accompanied for 18 years, in all its facets; as well as to continue the common project of the KUNSTSÆLE."

Prof. Dr. Romina Polley
(Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees)

"I am part of the Alien Athena because I love Michael’s work, his dialogue with other artists and engagement with the audience. Having enjoyed numerous inspiring exhibitions and publications, I would like to contribute to a sustainable future for these multiple efforts. His topics are always on point, contribute to the broader discourse and as a result my personal view of what constitutes art has changed."

Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie Bonnet
(Member of the Board of Trustees &
Chairwoman of the Advisory Board)

"The Alien Athena Foundation stands for an open dynamic and holistic concept of art interested in/open for processes of exchanges and dialogues between cultures and traditions. To foster an enlarged art practice and theories of sharing between genres, media, people and generations also within a concept of ‘longue durée’ free of the rhythms of market and the so-called art world."

Gwendolin Bergmeier
(Member of the Advisory Board)

"My interest in working with the Alien Athena Foundation for Art lies in the question: to what extent can Michael Müller convey the myriad of questions and thoughts that occupy and drive him and that he puts into the world by means of a fascinating variety of artistic means of expression in his writings, explanations and associative books? Does, should, can everything thought and felt be written down? How much mystery remains with the artist?"

Lewis Cheng
(Member of the Advisory Board)

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Jürgen Lucius
(Member of the Advisory Board)

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Ingeborg Neumann
(Member of the Advisory Board)

Ingeborg Neumann is a renowned figure in German business and is known for her commitment to sustainability, the arts and the advancement of women in leadership positions. In 2013, she became the first woman to be elected President of the German Textile+Fashion Association, underscoring her leading role in the German textile and apparel industry. As vice president and treasurer at the Federation of German Industries, she advocates for a sustainable economic system. In 1997, she founded Peppermint and is also a successful investor and fund manager in the venture capital sector. She is an enthusiastic patron of the arts and culture.

Prof. Dr. Susanne Pfleger
(Member of the Advisory Board)

"On the occasion of the anniversary of the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg, I had the great fortune and pleasure of working intensively with Michael Müller. From 2019 to 2022, he conceived an experimental new presentation of the museum’s collection as artist-curator. His thoughts and ideas are always challenging and constantly put seeing to the test. I look forward to continuing our adventure together."

Nikolai Varma
(Member of the Advisory Board)

"I have long been fascinated by what lies behind the ‘canvas’ – both the individual journey of the artist and the questions raised. Michael Müller’s practice epitomises this. And his engagement with – and generosity towards – other artists is very appealing and something I know the Alien Athena Foundation for Art will symbolise."

Alexander Hahn (Head of Organization)

"After more than 20 years in which I have gained a wide range of experience in the field of art, I have naturally crystallised a few things that I find particularly exciting. These include celebrating the moment, the here and now, and therefore also the moment of time-based art, especially performance. I am delighted that this is one of the focal points of the Alien Athena Foundation for Art, which we will be expanding in the future.
I am also very interested in finding different ways outside of the art market and the institutional perspective to provide a platform for interesting artists and thinkers. With the Alien Athena Foundation for Art, we have very good opportunities to do this."