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The Alien Athena Foundation for Art brings together a diverse group of participants from the art world. Our collective experience over many years in engaging with the unique practice of Michael Müller that stretches the boundaries of the traditional understanding of art in many different ways inspired the creation of the Foundation.

Reflecting Michael's practice that encompasses all media and blurred the distinction between art creation and curating, we see art as a continued process of exchange and dialogue with and between other artists, the merging with different disciplines, geographies and audiences.

While the Foundation will support the production of new works that build on Michael Müller's work and interact with each other the foundation's purpose goes beyond this. It seeks to foster experiences through art creation and reception outside the constraints of the art market. Ultimately, we see art as an invitation to a journey of collaborative exchanges between different disciplines including science, philosophy, sociology and history, various media, different cultures, practices and modes of thinking.

Alien Athena Foundation for Art's mission will be accomplished by hosting exhibitions, issuing publications and awarding a biannual performance prize accompanied by a mentoring program thereby connecting people who share this vision.


Founder & Chairman: Michael Müller
The Alien Athena Foundation for Art is a
foundation under civil law with headquarters in Berlin.
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Alexander Hahn
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Alien Athena Foundation for Art

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