Using the method of collage as a starting point, the interdisciplinary practice of Mauro Ventura evolves across painting, sculpture, installation and performance. Their investigation asserts itself on the research of ancient languages that study the occult, proposing a hyperreality or a parallel video-game like melting pot of syncretism.
These virtual realities indulge in ritualesque-like actions and ways of painting that question formats with the aim to transform social structures. Demons are a recurring motif in Ventura ́s practice, used as a means to explore the duality of things, invoking two opposite spheres of life and exploring the polarities of light and dark, visible and invisible, good and evil, presence and absence.

Kianí del Valle is a Berlin - Los Angeles based dancer, choreographer, director and performance curator originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Driven by anthropological, biological and sociological concepts, del Valle’s work merges the lines of contemporary dance and performance art within film, photography, architecture, pop culture, technology and sound. Her embodied practice is guided by the interdependence of physical exhaustion, intuitive groove, movement meditation, ritualistic practice, migratory journeys, and paranormal experiences. This is all intertwined within the craft of theatrics and amplified with a visual component that often taps into the magical, surreal, fictional and dystopic. Del Valle has developed a wide range of interdisciplinary solo works and is the founder, director and choreographer of the KDV PERFORMANCE GROUP.

"Two Intertwinded Performances" are two joint performances between Steve Katona and Mauro Ventura with Kianí del Valle.

The Alien Athena Foundation for Art is pleased to be able to support the performance, the artists and the curators.