Michael Müller
Der geschenkte Tag Kastor und Polydeukes

The first volume of the Catalogue Raisonné of Michael Müller’s artistic oeuvre also functions as an exhibition catalogue and is dedicated to the monumental painting Der geschenkte Tag [The Given Day], measuring approx. 6 × 65 m, which Michael Müller created for his solo exhibition at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt, 2022/23. The 24-part painting as well as the exhibition as a whole elaborate on the Greek myth of the twins Castor and Polydeuces (Castor and Pollux), the Dioscuri. In addition to the history of the works’ creation and an extensive interview with the artist, essays, and a lyrical composition by American literary scholar and translator Stanley Lombardo update the story of the Dioscuri for the 21st century.