Steve Katona is a German countertenor, composer, actor, and artist from Berlin. He studied opera at the UdK Berlin and works at the nexus of various artistic disciplines. His work encompasses a syncretism of musical, performative, and experimental elements that strive to dissolve the boundaries between genres.

For Gallery Weekend Berlin 2024, Steve Katona created a transcendent musical experience where vocals, an electrically modified zither, and a meditation bowl blended to craft a serene soundscape inspired by spiritual minimalism. Drawing from elements of sacred music like Gregorian chant, the performance offered a moment of reflection and inner peace. Without emphasizing religious contexts, Katona delved into the depths of the soul through music.

"Two Intertwinded Performances" are two joint performances between Steve Katona and Mauro Ventura with Kianí del Valle.

The Alien Athena Foundation for Art is pleased to be able to support the performance, the artists and the curators.